Venue: Amador, Panama Convention Center, General Juan D. Perón Street.

City: Panama, Panama City.

Welcome to the World Robot
Olympiad International Final

7-9 November 2023 Panama City

We are happy to receive delegations from all over the world and welcome the countries joining this great family to our community.

Every year the Olympiad has a new theme that will inspire each of the participating teams; this year the WRO® theme is Connecting the World. Since the Panama canal was founded, it has been a keystone for international maritime trade and communications worldwide. This engineering construction which connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans has contributed to reducing shipping time and costs in the western hemisphere.

Therefore this year, we are improving connections by incorporating robotic solutions based on the importance of logistics, infrastructure, digital technology, and sustainability and how these are globally intertwined with our lives.

We invite you to visit this website to learn more about the International Final 2023 in Panama. We hope everyone will fall in love with this paradise and enjoy their stay in this beautiful country.

Panama, Host Country of
WRO International Final 2023

Panama has incorporated STEAM education into its policies, to improve the quality of life for all its inhabitants. FUNDESTEAM by the hand of the First Lady of the country, Ministry of Education (MEDUCA), and many public and private companies have done their bit to make this event memorable for all the participants.

Since 2014, Panama has participated in the WRO competition. It has been an extraordinary journey until 2023 where this experience has marked the lives of many children and young people; a journey full of learning, creativity, and many new friends.

The WRO Association was founded in 1999. Since then, is the second time that a Latin American country had the honor to host an event that unites so many cultures, with the sole objective of making it possible to build a better tomorrow, whose motto is connecting the world.

This is how we build a future where the border lines will be just that, lines, but we will be united in one heart for the good of humanity.

A message from the First Lady of Panama.

Colón de

Goodwill Ambassador for STEM education from The Panamerican Development Foundation (PADF)

How to get to the Panama Convention Center?

The WRO 2023 Panama Logo "Connecting the World" is based on significant elements and symbols that represent Panama, our country, which connects the American continent. Also, we have the Panama Canal, which is a revolutionary technology and engineering work from 1914, that connects the world. The Logo’s main theme is about innovation and technology represented by the robot character that observes with curiosity and interest the new creations during the WRO 2023 event.

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